Solar Power Systems
How to choose the right solar system
Choosing the best off-grid solar system is not easy. We have highlighted some key points that must be considered. We will also discuss all the accessories of the solar system in this article. We will also discuss how to build a reliable off-grid solar system system. Finally, we will talk about how to choose solar energy to choose a solar system according to your situation.

Off-grid solar system has 4 accessories
1. Solar Inverter
2. Solar charge controller
3. Battery pack
4. Solar panels

Solar inverters
In an off-grid system, the inverter is the heart and brain of the system. Its main job is to provide "pure sine wave" AC power. It must be able to meet the power requirements of electrical appliances under all conditions. It can change the DC (battery) To AC.

There are two different inverters for off-grid solar systems, including low-frequency inverters and hybrid inverters. People should choose inverters according to their own circumstances. The main job of the solar controller is to charge the battery with sunlight power. The controller has many protection functions, including short-circuit protection, overcharge generation, and over-temperature protection.

There are two options for energy storage in solar systems, including gel batteries and lithium batteries.
1. Advantages of colloidal batteries
Compatible with most inverters.
Proven and trusted technology.
Safe and extremely low risk (sealing gel/AGM).
The battery will not lose power at low SOC or low voltage
Long life (if there is no over-discharge)
Easy to recycle.

2. Advantages of lithium batteries
Very high efficiency-about 97%
Very high energy density-light weight and compact structure
Allows high charge and discharge rates
No degradation under partial charge
Modular and expandable system
Safe and low risk (if charging correctly)
People can choose batteries based on budget and needs.

Solar panels
Solar panels are an indispensable part of the solar system. The function of solar panels is to convert sunlight into direct current.

Now there are different panels on this market, including MONO panels and POLY panels. The difference between the two panels is efficiency. The efficiency of the MONO panel will be better than that of the POLY panel.

How to choose a solar system?
In fact, many people don't know how to choose a solar system, because there are many solar systems with different powers on the market. Consumers are confused about this. Now, we discuss how to choose the solar system according to your situation.

You can make a list to display the main equipment in your home, and then fill in the power, quantity, and working hours of the equipment in this list

1. Confirm the power of all equipment.
Calculate the total power of your appliances, and then you can determine what kind of inverter power you need.

2. Confirm your home's electricity
Check your monthly electricity bill, and we take the average value from it as the power consumption. Then we can confirm how many panels and batteries you need.

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