Solar Power Systems
How to protect solar energy from natural attack
If you're considering a residential solar system or have successfully used it, you're probably thinking about how your solar panels will be used in places that happen to be vulnerable to hurricanes and hail.

During the stormy season, installers worry about the effects of strong winds and heavy rain, as they are the main catastrophic failures of solar panels.

Repairing damage from indirect and primary attacks has a higher time and cost, so it can be useful to protect them beforehand.

Fortunately, solar panels are often more powerful than you might think.

How do solar panels withstand strong winds?

We believe that one of the most important home solar power systems is the rooftop solar system. There is typically greater than 6" of space between the bottom of a solar panel and the roof surface, making the panel highly aerodynamic. As a result, rooftop solar panels can withstand strong winds without extreme upward forces. Even if the wind has With a little upward force, commercial energy mounting bolts can hold the system to the roof by anchoring the solar modules. With the right method of fixing, they can withstand strong storms well.

What exactly are solar panels made of?

Solar panels are usually made of silicon, which itself is considered a fragile material. Other materials for rooftop solar panels are aluminum, glass, and other precious metals. While these materials alone do not appear to be sufficiently stable, they become very durable and resilient when assembled.

Do we have to install additional security equipment for more security?
The need to add safety equipment depends on the location and circumstances. It is recommended to set up the lightning protection system from the following situations:

If the solar panels are placed in a place that is super prone to lightning
There are heavy metal objects such as water tanks, solar water heaters, satellite dishes, etc.
The wire length is more than 100m
Dry soil with poor conductivity
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