Solar Power Systems
Points to note when installing solar power systems
1. Go through procedures for grid connection

Now, it is not complicated for individuals to go through the interconnection procedures. You only need to bring the original and copy of your ID card and real estate certificate to the nearest power supply business office. To put it simply, individuals applying for distributed photovoltaic power generation only need to bring their ID card, household register, real estate certificate or real estate certificate (usually the photovoltaic construction permit of the neighborhood committee or community property and related owners) to apply to the power business hall. Subsequently, the construction company was invited to design and install the access system based on the opinion issued by the power department. Finally, the power department arranges staff to check and accept the equipment, install meters, and sign a grid connection agreement with the residents. The power supply department does not charge any fees for all links in the process.

2. Choose the installation address of solar power generation equipment

Generally speaking, the installation of photovoltaic power generation equipment should be carried out in the north-south direction, and try to be carried out in the unshielded area around it. For example, it is more convenient for rural residents in single-story tiled houses, urban villas and top-level residents to install rooftop solar power generation equipment. If it is a residential area, the procedures may be more cumbersome, requiring the owner of the entire unit or building to sign and agree.

3. Purchase of solar power generation equipment

When purchasing equipment, it is necessary to calculate the cost of the equipment and choose equipment from large manufacturers with brand and national authority certification to ensure that the photovoltaic power generation equipment can be used for a long time (warranty 25 years). "The cost of installing a kilowatt is about 10,000 yuan, and the installed capacity can be selected by yourself. Normally, unless damaged by external force, the photovoltaic module will generally not be damaged. The later maintenance is also very simple, just clean it up. Dust and keep it clean.

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