Solar Power Systems
Reasons for choosing all-in-one solar street lights
In recent years, the invention of solar street lights has become very popular. It can not only save your current electricity bill, but also protect the environment. Solar street lights are mainly composed of solar panels, lighting fixtures, rechargeable batteries and light poles. With the advancement of technology, photovoltaic panels and LED bulbs have also been improved, becoming more economical, safer and more compact.

A street light:
The integrated solar street light uses environmentally friendly lithium batteries with long service life, long product life and trouble-free performance.
It is much easier to install integrated solar street lights. It only takes 3 steps to install one.
1. Dig a cage
2. Fix the light box with screws
3. Finally install the pole
The kit includes everything from solar panels, batteries, smart sensors, LED lights, and device controllers, making it easier to install even on old utility poles and walls.

These lights are infrared sensor lights, which can be turned off automatically during the day and turned on once when night falls after charging.
They can also sense and detect movement within a distance of 7 to 10 meters to automatically adjust their brightness.
People can install these lights in entrances, perimeters, passages, parking lots, playgrounds, courtyards and even remote areas because they are wireless.
Always choose all-in-one systems because they are rust-proof, waterproof, maintenance-free, shock-proof and have low power consumption.

We specialize in producing all kinds of lighting products. This includes all-in-one solar street lights, solar billboard lights, solar garden lights and solar LED bulbs. If possible, we would like to take this opportunity to work with you. You are always welcome here!

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