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All information about the installation of residential solar panels
Installing solar panels for your home is the first step in obtaining sustainable energy. But in order to make the most of your solar power, you need to figure out how to make your home generate as much energy as possible. Here is what you need to know when installing solar panels in your home.

Consider which direction your roof faces

If your roof is not tilted towards the sun, your panels will not be able to absorb enough light to generate the energy you need to power your home. The best houses for solar power generation are those with the roof facing south or west. However, depending on the slope of the roof, solar panels may use enough energy when installed on a roof facing east or north. Check out this handy solar calculator to see if solar energy is suitable for your home.

Your roof needs to be in good condition

When it comes to using solar energy, the age, shape and material of the roof are important.

If your roof is worn out and needs repairs, or an old roof that needs to be replaced in the next few years, it is best to perform these repairs before installing solar panels. If you choose to install the solar energy now and repair it later, you need to remove the panel for repair and then reinstall it.

Solar technicians will be able to determine whether your roof is structurally sufficient to support the weight of the solar panels, or whether additional support is required.

Roof shape and material issues

If you have not considered the shape of the roof, we cannot say that we blame you. But it affects how much sunlight you can use—and therefore how much energy you have. The standard gable roof is the ideal shape for solar panel installation because it is relatively simple to install. But there are many other roof types that can also be used with solar panels. During the site visit, the installer will consider the roof shape, shadow and slope, which together determine how much sunlight your roof can effectively absorb.

In terms of combination, some roofing materials are better than others in handling solar panels:

Metal (standing seam metal, tin and corrugated) is often the easiest material to install solar energy because it does not need to penetrate the roof

Combination tiles are also very simple for solar installation

The surface of the tile roof depends on the material-concrete tiles are very simple, but clay tiles are difficult because it is easy to crack

There are many types of solar panels to choose from

The advantage of decorating your home with solar panels is that you are not limited to traditional roof installations. If your roof does not face south or west, the ground-mounted panels can be specifically tilted to absorb every ray of sunlight available on your property. Solar carports can be an effective way to use solar energy without consuming unnecessary land.

Not only will you generate more electricity than on a shady roof, but you will also save more money in the long run.

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You need a trustworthy installer

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