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Why are off-grid systems popular?

Off-grid systems is an attractive prospect for many people. As the price of electricity rises, being able to produce and consume one's own electricity certainly has obvious benefits. Especially in places where the connection to the grid is unreliable, or in remote areas, where there is no consistent grid available, there are absolutely good reasons to consider a self-sufficient solar power system.

However, although it sounds attractive, we will not recommend this option to most people unless you really have no choice.

Usually, the only reason for off-grid is that your home is not initially connected to the grid, or its connection is very unstable. In the former case, yes, we would recommend a large off-grid system that can power your entire home, as well as a backup system such as a standby gas generator. However, in the latter case, and in almost all other cases, we do not recommend leaving the grid completely.

Many people underestimate the difficulty of meeting the electricity and energy needs of the entire family 24/7. Consider, if your battery can only produce 6 kW, and your air conditioner needs 7 kW to start, then when you try to turn on the air conditioner, your power will be completely turned off. Your air conditioner may usually only consume 3-4 kW when it is running, but, like many devices, it consumes a lot of power when it is initially started, and your battery may not be able to provide it.

Most importantly, if there is no grid connection, you cannot sell excess energy back to the grid, and if your system fails, you will have nothing to rely on. Generally speaking, the design process of off-grid solar systems is also more stringent, because if off-grid components fail, they are not easy to replace. You also need to make a major upgrade to your home's electrical system, especially when you want to install a large project with a large amount of power demand.

It is for these reasons that we do not recommend completely disconnecting from the grid unless you have no choice. On the contrary, when people come up with the idea of off-grid, we recommend that they install a backup solar battery system. This means that if their connection to the grid is unreliable, when the grid fails, they will be able to rely on the solar photovoltaic system and output energy to the grid when the grid becomes stronger and the battery is full. The back-up system will provide similar savings as a completely off-grid system without including almost as many additional costs and risks.

All in all, although off-grid seems to be an attractive option, it is much more difficult than initially thought, and will usually create a system that is less reliable than your original system, because a component failure may cause you The home is in trouble with a considerable degree of risk. Therefore, unless you really have no choice, the best way is to study a backup photovoltaic system. In addition to saving a lot of money for your home, it can also supplement the services that the grid can provide you.

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