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What is the difference between MPPT controller and PWM controller?
There are many solar charge controllers in the solar market. They are divided into two kinds: MPPT controller and PWM controller. Many people choose MPPT controller or PWM controller according to the price, but what is the difference between the two? Maybe you don't know, let me give you a brief introduction.
The MPPT controller has high charging efficiency.

From these two pictures, we can see that using the same solar panel but different solar charge controllers to charge the battery, the final power is different. The PWM controller is only 2385W, while the MPPT controller is 3286W. In other words, when using 3300W solar panels, the MPPT controller generates 901W more power per hour than the PWM controller. This is the difference in charging efficiency.

The PWM controller generates 901W of power per hour, which is lower than the MPPT controller. According to the law of conservation of energy, 901W will be converted into heat, causing serious heating of the PWM controller, which further reduces the efficiency of the PWM controller. Due to overheating, some inferior PWM controllers may cause component damage or fire. For high-power PWM controllers, it may affect the battery and greatly shorten the battery life.

These are the problems we encountered before. Some customers complained that their batteries had problems after only a year. After inspection, we found that the current is not well controlled when the PWM controller is used to charge the battery. When the battery is about to be fully charged, it is still charged with a large current, causing the battery shell to deform or even catch fire, and ultimately burn the customer's electrical appliances.

Therefore, we recommend that customers use MPPT controlle [R as much as possible, MPPT controller is a relatively stable solar charge controller in the market, with batteries to provide sufficient protection. Although the price is higher than the PWM controller, the power generated by the MPPT controller can make up for the difference.

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