Solar Power Systems
Principle description of on-grid system and off-grid system

On-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system principle description

The system is mainly composed of photovoltaic square array and grid-connected inverter.

In areas with public grids, photovoltaic power generation systems are generally grid-connected, that is, on-grid operation, and inverters are required to be connected to the grid. The advantage of on-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system is that it can save batteries and use the grid as its own energy storage unit. Due to the energy loss during storage and release of the battery, and the service life of the battery is usually only 5-8 years, discarded batteries will pollute the environment. Therefore, a photovoltaic power generation system that saves batteries can not only greatly reduce costs, but also has higher power generation efficiency and better environmental performance.

Off-grid solar power generation system:
It is composed of solar cell components, solar controller, and storage battery (group). If the output power is AC 220v or 110v.

Solar cell components convert sunlight into electrical energy, and store batteries for load use through the controller; the charging and discharging part of the entire system also includes monitoring, temperature compensation and time control; since the system output is DC, if the load is an AC device, it needs to be provided Inverter power supply.

The use of off-grid photovoltaic systems is independent of the grid and can be used to power radio relay stations, telephone booths and street lighting. In the marine and leisure convertible market, the mobile photovoltaic technology market is also constantly developing. Off-grid (also known as stand-alone) photovoltaic systems also provide more economical power for developing countries where traditional power is unstable or imperfect.

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